Fact or Myth: Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre optic cabling continues to be a popular choice for commercial and residential properties across Australia. This is in large part due to the fairly new discovery of its benefits. While the cabling itself is actually significantly dated, its use as a primary means of transmitting data is relatively new. It is the fastest and most reliable way to transfer large amounts of data over a given period. As technology advances, it is positioned to be the leading source of data and communication.

There are many common misconceptions about fibre optic cabling, despite it being one of the most popular solutions. Here's a round of "fact or myth" to help you learn more about its benefits:

The Most Efficient Solution

Fact: Fibre optic cabling does not break down as quickly as copper wiring. This is because copper wiring relies on electricity to transmit data and the more electricity that runs through its wiring over significant distances, the more the signal weakens until it's no longer able to transmit.

Fibre optic cabling actually runs on light and not electricity. There's absolutely no electrical current, reducing the breakdown and production of high temperatures. It is actually the most efficient and safe way to transmit data, no matter the distance.

Is Fibre Optic Cabling Expensive?

Myth: The actual price of fibre optics is cheaper than other mediums. This is due to its lack of electrical requirement. A system that runs on light and with such a low energy consumption rate is much cheaper to transmit data than other electrical-based options. Not to mention, it's also much better for the environment due to its low energy consumption as well.

Fast & Lightweight

Fact: Fibre optic cabling is extremely portable, making it easy to transport and even easier to install. This means that as compared to traditional cabling, you will save a lot more money on installation costs by going with this method of cabling. That means, saving money both in upfront fees and also down the line in month costs as well.

Fibre Optic Cabling is Only Used for Transmitting Data

Myth: The discovery of it's advanced effectiveness with transmitting data is what's ultimately new with this cabling. However, it's been used across multiple industries in the past to serve a vast array of purposes. Examples include decorative lighting, signs, imaging, and supplying power to products. The expectation is that in years to come, it will continue to be used for more

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