3 Ways an Electrician Can Transform your Outdoor Living Area at Night

When you consider upgrading your outdoor living area and landscape, you may be thinking of it during the daytime hours. In fact, any type of lighting for your outdoor areas may be an afterthought and limited to ground-level lighting packages or a harsh porch light that spotlights only one area. If you want to give your outdoor living area or landscape a night time lighting upgrade, then consider how an electrician can help.

Solar-Powered Timed Lighting

You may be under the misconception that solar-powered lighting can be installed without an electrician. There is more to solar power than just solar panels and the energy from the sun. An electrician will be able to install and set-up the solar-powered lighting that you want and set them on a timer.

This will allow the lights to come on at a specific time and go off at a specific time, meaning a reduced chance of using the stored solar power during daylight hours and wasting the energy. Your electrician can also suggest larger solar-powered lighting options that appear traditional, like Victorian-style light poles that are actually solar based.

Lighted Fencing

One of the trends that some homeowners are turning to is to light up the walls of their outdoor living space instead of just spotlighting with poles or landscaping ground-level lighting. This lighting option places your electrician with the choice of putting in a drape of lighting that integrates with the current fencing or incorporating smaller single lights into the fencing itself. Either way, the electrician can help to bring light to your fencing and light up the area for night time entertaining.

Deck and Tree Lighting

If you don't want a flood of light on your backyard or outdoor area, and you don't want to go with fencing lighting or timed lighting, then an option is to go with specifically based spotlights. For example, you can put spotlights on certain trees in the yard or shrubs. You can also have deck lighting put up on each post of your deck or under the deck rails as well as the deck posts. This will help you gain a decent amount of lighting without being intrusive to your neighbours or putting too much light on yourself and your guests.

Speak with an electrician from a business like A.J.C. Electrical Service Pty Ltd to determine how you can best incorporate decorative lighting into your garden.

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