Situations Necessitating Pressure Booster Pump Installation

A pressure booster system is designed to augment the normal water pressure levels. This structure is particularly important in residential properties which obtain water from a storage reservoir. Basically, the booster pump draws water from the source and raises the rate of flow to a desired pre-set limit. The pump is connected to a switch which monitors the pressure levels and turns the booster function on when the pressure falls.

A pressure tank is also an essential module because it helps maintain consistent flow rate in between the pumping cycles. If you are thinking about installing a pressure booster pump in your home, consider these common situations that necessitate this type of system:

Poor Source Pressure

The most common water pressure problems are linked to the source. Some community or council supply networks have modest incoming pressure due to low water levels in the reservoirs. This is not a common issue in most urban and suburban residences because the supply systems are stable. However, if you rely primarily on a well or you live in an area with limited community supply, you should plan on purchasing a booster.

Additionally, consider installing the pump and tank if your home is at the end of the water supply line. In some cases, the low pressure problems linked to the local service lines. For instance, if the pipes are broken or leaking, your home will be affected. Therefore, if the issue is new, you can contact the utility managers for assistance before installing a booster system.

Elevated Residence

Gravity is an important factor in the flow of water therefore you could face some pressure problems if your home is situated at an elevated level. This can be attributed to the work required by the water system to lift the water against the natural pull of gravity. You should consider installing a pressure booster pump if the house is located uphill in relation to the pumping station or the water supply line. Tall apartment buildings with multiple stories are also affected so additional water pressure is required to provide good flow in the upper floors.

Addition of New Fixtures

The water pressure in your home will be affected by addition of new significant fixtures. For example, a new bathroom will demand relatively large quantities of water affecting the pressure in the building. Normally, installation of larger pipes will improve pressure but in some cases, a booster pump may be necessary.

It is advisable to consult a licensed plumber for assessment before purchasing and installing the booster system. To learn more, contact a pressure pumps company to learn more.

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