Things You Can Expect From An Emergency Electrician

Emergency electricians operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of urgent situations that require immediate attention. If you've never had the occasion to call an electrician, but you have a situation that you believe may call for their services, here are some of the services these professionals can offer you.

Wiring Issues -- One of the most pressing electrical problems you may experience is when the wiring in your home or flat malfunctions and shorts out your entire electrical system. Emergency electricians are trained to respond to these types of situations, which are typically the result of wiring that wasn't properly installed, fuses that have blown out or circuit breaker boxes that have overloaded and need to be replaced. In some instances, a combination of these factors has coalesced like a perfect storm and requires intensive electrical work to restore normal function.

A/C Breakdown -- If your air conditioning breaks down during a hot summer day, you will need to call in an emergency electrician to analyse and diagnose the issue. In some cases, air is still blowing, but it's blowing warm even though the thermostat is set for cooling, which may indicate a bad condenser with a motor that's tripped out. In some instances, an emergency electrician has to replace a faulty thermostat, typically because the compressor has shorted out. When your A/C is blowing warm, one of the common reasons is that the condenser has run out of refrigerant, which cools the warm air that comes into your home.

Lighting Issues -- Another service emergency electricians can provide is to fix any flickering lights that you might have at your home or office. Flickering lights may seem like just a nuisance, but they are often a sign that your lighting wiring is faltering and that can lead to a total short, a blackout or even an electrical fire. Emergency electricians commonly diagnose stripped wires as the main cause of flickering lights and must replace those wires to fix the problem.

Keypad Control Malfunctions -- If you own a business in which you have installed an access control system, you may have to call an emergency electrician if the system stops working and won't allow you to enter or exit the premises. Access control systems are installed by trained electrical contractors who specialise in commercial services, and they are able to reset your system. In many instances, the magnetic card reader or code keypad has gone offline or malfunctioned, which causes the entire access control system to seize. Emergency electricians can either reprogram the reader sensor or keypad or replace them with new ones to restore operation.

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