Home Automation Services Provided By Residential Electrical Contractors

When you've decided that you want to automate your home, you will need a contractor to make the necessary residential electrical installations. Home automation has become increasingly popular as busy people seek ways to ensure that they can control vital home systems when they're away from the house. Before you make your decision, here are some of the services that residential electrical contractors can offer you for home automation.

Lighting -- Electrical contractors can wire your lighting system so that your lights dim at a prescribed time or your lights automatically adjust depending on the outside light. For example, an automated light fixture can glow brighter when it senses that the weather is cloudy outside or dim if there is more available light during the night, which can save you money on your energy bill. In addition, electrical contractors can provide you with a remote that controls the entire lighting system so that you can turn off lights from the comfort of your bed. They can also set up a lighting system controllable from your smartphone or tablet so that you can shut off lights when you're not home or turn them on at night before you arrive.

Energy Monitoring -- Electrical contractors can also install sensors in your home that track your energy use for the day, month or year. This automated system also tells you which areas of your home are consuming the most energy so that you can determine ways to reduce power output for those areas. For example, if you have a pool, the energy monitoring system can tell you at what hours your pool is using the most power so you can adjust components such as the pool pump to operate during off-peak hours. Electrical contractors can sync your monitoring system so that it works with your smartphone and tablet.

Security System -- Many people have house alarms and cameras for security. Electrical contractors can automate these systems so that you can arm your security when you're not at home and even 'spy' on your house through security cameras that can be viewed on a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Electrical contractors can also integrate your smart home security automation with your gas range or air conditioning, so that you can turn off or turn on the air from a remote site or even shut off an electric oven or range if you accidentally left it on.

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