When to Call a Specialist Electrician

Most electricians can handle a variety of jobs that need to be done in the home, from installing your new entertainment center components to rewiring circuits before installing new appliances. However, there may be times when you want to call a specialist electrician, or one who can handle more complex electrical jobs around the home. If you're not sure of when such a specialist would be needed, note a few jobs that may be out of the expertise of most electricians and why you should call someone experienced with this work in particular.

1. Upgrading very old wiring in the entire home

When it's time to upgrade wiring in the entire home, an electrician may encounter problems that are outside his or her realm of expertise. For instance, older wiring may have been installed behind insulation and it's now attached to the insulation, which needs to be removed along with the wiring. A new circuit box may also need to be installed. These parts of the work may not be commonly handled by an electrician but a specialist will know how to remove insulation without damaging other building materials and then also put it back into place once the home is rewired, and install a new circuit box as well.

2. Installing new heaters

Specialty heaters may call for a specialty electrician. This can mean toe kick heaters, which are installed along the baseboard, or in-wall heaters, which may be installed at any height on the wall. These may be connected to your home's standard ductwork and the home's furnace, or they may be separate units that are installed just in one room. These may need specialty wiring on their own circuits or an entirely new circuit in the home.

3. Landscape or outdoor lighting

Installing outdoor lighting is a bit different than installing wiring in the home, as this wiring needs to be protected from the elements as well as from potential damage done by rodents and other pests. While the wiring should be out of sight, it also needs to be accessible in case of needed repairs. A specialist electrician should be called as he or she will be experienced in choosing wiring that will be safe from damage and will also know how to install it so that it's properly buried and protected. This is especially important if your outdoor feature includes water of any sort such as a fountain or waterfall, as the wiring also needs be safe from exposure to this moisture. Only someone experienced with this type of work should be used for such an installation.

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