Electrical Problems That Shouldn't Be Ignored

Some electrical problems in your home can wait until you can make an appointment with an electrician, but there are some electrical issues that may warrant a call to an emergency electrician. Ignoring these problems can mean allowing more damage to be done to the home and, in some cases, increasing your risk of electrical fire. Note a few electrical problems that shouldn't be ignored and why it's so vital that you have them addressed as quickly as possible.

1. When you think you smell electricity

Since electricity doesn't have a smell, you might be noticing the odor of bare or frayed wires coming into contact with building materials of the home. This singeing may have a very distinct odor because of the electricity; ignoring this smell can mean allowing the materials to continue to be singed and damaged, and also the risk of an electrical fire. 

2. When water and electricity are getting close

If your home has exposed wires that have perhaps been chewed through by rodents or suffered other damage, this is a dangerous enough fix on your own. However, if those wires are near a water leak, or you notice a water leak around any frayed or exposed wires, you want to call an emergency electrician. Since water is such a good conductor of electricity, you don't want to go near the water itself, even if it's far from the wiring.  Always leave this job to professionals, and never put off having it taken care of immediately so you avoid the risk of shock and injury.

3. When you notice popping or sparks near outlets

When you pull out plugs from the electrical outlets in your home, they should never pop or spark. This typically signals a surge of electricity that is popping as you disconnect the cord. If you notice this happening, and especially if you notice popping and sparking even when there is no cord or connection in the outlet, you want to call an emergency electrician. This exposed electricity and sparking can cause singeing of the building materials as mentioned above, so it shouldn't remain unchecked.

4. When a circuit keeps shutting off

If you turn on an electrical appliance or other device and the circuit shuts off, and you turn the circuit back on and it turns off again, you want to call an emergency electrician. This signals that the wiring is overloaded, and in turn, this might lead to an electrical fire. Don't use the electrical device, and don't put off calling an electrician, as you want to ensure all your wiring is able to handle the demands put on them.

If you notice any of these problems in your house, call an emergency electrician as soon as possible.

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