Categorization Of Electricians And Factors To Consider When Choosing One

An electrician is a technician whose job entails fitting and repairing electrical circuits, components, and wiring in people's homes, commercial property, and industrial installations. Apart from fitting and repair work, electricians install and maintain electrical equipment, and electrical instruments. The title of 'electrician' is a generally used to refer to the personnel commonly called upon to repair faulty electrical equipment, but it has a wider meaning. Electricians fall into many categories based on the type of work they do and their level of training.

Categorization of electricians

  1. Installation electricians – These electricians install electrical systems and equipment in all types of buildings. Installation electricians deal with power systems, security systems, as well as fire and lightning electrical surge and spike protection systems.
  2. Electro-technical panel technicians – These electricians focus on the installation of control panels that measure and monitor the electricity consumption of all power users in the building. Their jobs usually correspond with the construction or restoration of the building on which the control panel works.
  3. Maintenance electricians - This category of electricians check that existing electrical systems and components are in good working order and operating in a safe manner. If need be, they have the skills and equipment necessary to intervene and make sure the systems and components work properly.
  4. Machine repair and rewind technicians – These electricians repair specialised electrical components that incorporate extensive cabling and wiring. Such electrical components include transformers, generators, and electric motors.
  5. Highway systems technicians -These electricians focus on electrical systems that guide and control motor vehicles and pedestrians on the highway. Their area of expertise revolves around traffic lights, highway lighting systems, electrical signage, and electrical pedestrian control equipment.

When electrical systems and components fail, electricians and other trained personnel are called to repair them. However, choosing an electrician is a sensitive affair based on the risks associated with shoddy electrical repair jobs. Some of the factors to consider when choosing an electrician include:

  1. Recommendations - An electrician's referrals and recommendations based on their history and quality of work is the best vetting tool in choosing one. Based on the technician's referrals, their ability to provide excellent services can be determined.
  2. Experience - The second factor that influences the choice of an electrician is their experience. A highly experienced electrician is far better than one with lesser experience since more experience means a better job.
  3. Professionalism - Electricians called upon to offer repair or maintenance services must act in a professional manner. Electricians who act professionally provide high quality service since they put critical factors such as safety and system efficiency into consideration.

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