Grill Element Replacement For An Electric Oven

You will know if the grill element is not working properly in your electric oven; the element will either not come on at all or you will notice uneven patches or bright spots on some areas of the element. Although some grill elements can be changed quickly and easily from the front of the oven, many can only be changed by accessing the rear of the oven. This article looks at the process of changing the grill element in ovens that have to be accessed from the rear.

Remove The Oven Door

Begin by ensuring that the power to the oven is off. If you are unsure of where the switch is to do this, consider turning the main power supply off for a few minutes while you carry out this task. Open the oven door and look for the latches or hinges supporting the door on either side. These latches can be moved upwards to allow the door to come off. 

Lift The Oven Out

Grip the oven at the top, and lift it up and out. It will probably be lighter than you imagine. Continue to carefully lift the oven out and place it on the floor directly in front of the oven opening.

Remove The Back Panel

Use a screwdriver to remove the thin metal panel that covers the rear of the oven. There are usually two or four screws holding the panel in place. In some cases, you will need to remove the top panel as well so that you can access the rear panel.

Move The Insulation And Take A Picture Of The Wiring

Partially pull back the insulation covering the rear part of the oven. When the insulation has been moved, you will see the two prongs sticking out of the oven. You will also notice two small wires that are connected to each prong of the element. These are easy to remove; they are connected to small metal heads that can be slipped off. As a precaution, take a digital photograph of the prong part, so that you know where each wire goes after you have replaced the element.

Use Pliers And A Screwdriver

Use a pair of pliers to slip the wires and their heads off.  Then unscrew the screw that is situated on either side of the element. Once these are off, you can go to the front of the oven and slip the element out.

Replace And Reverse

Pop the new element into place and screw back the two screws next to the element, at the rear of the oven. Then simply reverse the work you did to access the element.

Turn the power back on and test the grill to ensure that it is working correctly. If you find you need more experienced help, contact a professional service, like Graeme Kent Electrical Appliance Geelong Service Pty Ltd, to come and take a look at your grill element.

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