Common Questions People Ask About Auto Electrical Repairs

The electrical system in your car is a complex and interrelated group of components that all work in sync to keep your vehicle running. When something goes wrong with the electrical system, an auto electrician is trained to fix the issue. And while you don't need to be a car expert, it does help if you understand the basics of your auto electrical system when you take your vehicle into an auto mechanic's garage. To help increase your knowledge, here are the answers to questions many car neophytes ask about auto electric repairs.

What is the Problem When The Key Turns In the Ignition But The Car Just Clicks Without Starting? -- When you attempt to start your car and you hear a clicking sound, it can mean one of several things. It could indicate that your battery has no charge and has stopped working. It could also indicate that the battery is still taking a charge but that the wire that connects it to the starter is loose or not working. A clicking sound also may mean that the motor in your starter has stopped operating, which means that the starter is trying to trigger your car to turn over, but there is not enough electrical current to do it. In general, a clicking sound without your engine turning over is an issue with the battery or the starter.

What Is the Issue if The Battery Works But You Have To Jump Start It Several Times a Week? -- This is typically an indication that your battery is about to die. When you have to jump start your battery several times a week, the battery is having a hard time holding a charge, which means that it needs an external source of power to trigger operation. Another issue could be that one of the battery cables needs replacement or that the battery terminals are corroded and need to be cleaned. Keep in mind that if you continually jump start a battery that is in working order except for faulty cables, you do run the risk of shorting out the battery by overloading the circuits.

How Can One Tell If Their Car's Electrical System is Faulty? -- There are several symptoms that indicate a vehicle's electrical system has an issue. One of the most common symptoms are lights that are much dimmer than usual. If you notice that your headlights or the dashboard lights of your vehicle are far less bright than normal, this could be a sign that your battery is about to die. Remember that your battery controls many electrical components in your vehicle, including the headlights and radio, so when your lights dim, something is likely awry with your battery. Another warning sign of an electrical issue is when you turn the key in the ignition and your engine sputters or takes several seconds before it turns over. This is an indication that something may be wrong in the starter, alternator or battery.

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