Is Your Home Telling You That You Need to Immediately Call an Electrician?

A home's power doesn't need to go out completely for it to need the services of an electrician, as some electrical emergencies might not always shut down the power itself. You don't want to ignore or overlook the signs of needing an emergency electrician, as doing so can mean that your home is at risk for an electrical fire or you may be at risk for a shock, even electrocution. Note a few signs that your home is telling you that you should immediately call an electrician rather than waiting or just ignoring these problems.

When the breaker box smells

If you smell what resembles melting plastic or any type of burning smell from the breaker box, you want to call an emergency electrician as this often means that there is singeing or other such damage behind the box itself. Wires may also be outright smoldering, and this too is a sign that an electrical fire may be imminent. Even if the smell seems to go away, you don't want to ignore it as this may simply mean that no power is going to the affected circuit. Once you use an electrical device on that circuit, the wires may start to singe again and an electrical fire may start at any time.

Sparks from the plug

You should never see sparks from a plug or outlet, either when you plug in something or when you unplug something; the only exception might be if you yank a cord from the wall. This sudden disconnect might cause a spark of the electrical circuit. However, if you remove a cord by hand without yanking it and you see a spark or feel tingling when you plug in something, this often means that the wires behind the plug are bare and frayed. This can mean your home is at risk for an electrical fire, and you may be at risk for electrocution if you use the plug again.

Junction box full of twisted wires

A junction box might be located in your home's basement, utility room, or garage. If it doesn't have a cover, this can mean that those wires inside are at risk for damage and becoming frayed. You might also notice that the wires inside are all twisted around, a sign of amateur electrical work. This puts undue pressure on those wires and may cause them to short out and create a spark, which puts your home at risk for an electrical fire. It's best to have an electrician come out and address these wires right away to eliminate that risk.

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