Shed Some Light on Your Outdoor Fixtures With LED Floodlights

Unlike spotlights which cast a narrow beam of light, LED floodlights can illuminate a large area. This makes them ideal for lighting outdoor spaces and fixtures for security and aesthetic purposes.

There are various things that you should have in mind as you visit an electronic shop to purchase floodlights. Here are some tips that will guide you into making the ideal solution for your outdoor lighting needs.

Type of floodlights

There are numerous types of LED floodlights on the market today. Here are some of the common ones.

  • Regular floodlights: These are the basic types of floodlights. They consist of a lamp, outer casing, and electric wires for power. They can be used for any outdoor space including the backyard, garden, garage, or driveway.
  • Security floodlights: Security flood lights are used for purposes of safety. In addition to a light bulb, they are equipped with motion sensors that detect movement in front of the light fixture. When a person or animal walks by the fixture, the motion sensor triggers the light and illuminates the area. Security floodlights are suitable for deterring thieves and animals from your home at night. They can also be installed on the front door, garage door, or backyard.
  • Landscape floodlights: unlike the regular and security floodlights which are installed at a height, landscape floodlights are installed around the ground level to illuminate landscape features such as paths, gardens, and decorative trees. They are usually used for decorative purposes.

Electrical vs. Solar power

LED floodlights use either electricity or solar energy. Both sources have their advantages; however, solar-powered floodlights are more energy efficient in the long run. Since they charge using the sun's energy during the day, they do not contribute to your energy bills. However, if you do not wish to incur the initial purchase and installation costs of solar powered systems, you can opt for electric-powered floodlights.

Additional features

You can install a surveillance camera with your floodlights for increased security of your home. Also, some floodlights have Wi-Fi and voice control features which allow you to control the lights remotely from your phone or other devices. Consider the extra features that would make the use of floodlights more convenient for you.

LED floodlights are functional fixtures for outdoor spaces. These tips will help you choose the ideal solutions for your home's outdoor lighting and security needs. For more information, talk to a professional.

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