Why You Need to Schedule an Electrical Equipment Test Before It's Too Late

If you're responsible for a commercial operation, you've got a lot on your plate. You need to ensure that the business is efficient and turns a profit, and you've got to make sure that all of your staff and visiting customers are kept safe. When was the last time that you considered the condition of your electrical equipment? What should you be thinking about, right now?

Heating Up

One of the first signs that you are overdue for some equipment inspection and testing may be an equipment room that seems to be a little warmer than normal. If you or an employee can sense that something has changed over time, then it could be that your equipment is starting to overheat. While newer equipment may well have digital devices that alert you to this potential malfunction, it's not always the case. Make sure that your equipment room has not been converted into a storage facility, either. Equipment like this must have an adequate amount of air flow if it's to function properly.

Difficult to Pinpoint a Failure

Have you been noticing some weird electrical failures recently? If you've not been able to put some of these down to a specific reason it could be that the system itself, rather than a piece of equipment is at fault. A wide variety of problems could be lurking beneath the surface, such as broken connectors or loose conductors. If your equipment is indeed overheating as discussed previously, this could cause a resistance that triggers a system failure. It's difficult to immediately identify this problem, as the resistance will dissipate as the equipment (now shut down) cools off.

The Passage of Time

If it's been some time since you had a major electrical equipment overhaul, then it could be that general wear and tear and lacklustre maintenance have combined to create a system that is on the brink of failure. If you're not sure whether a particular piece of equipment is missing a protective part, you might fail an inspection if one is imposed on you out of the blue.

Circuit Breakers Ready

Don't forget that a fully efficient and tested system will have circuit breakers ready and waiting to protect employees and visitors. If you're not sure whether these breakers are working properly, then they may not be protecting GFCI circuits as well as they should. It doesn't take much for these elements to break down over an extended period of time without maintenance. A worn out spring could be enough.

Taking Action

If any of these ideas are falling too close to home, then it's time for you to schedule a full electrical equipment test.

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