Is Your Commercial Wiring System Damaged? 3 Signs It Needs Repair or Replacement

Keeping up with all the maintenance aspects of your commercial building can be complicated. Typically, there are countless details and things to remember. Having a schedule for the weekly, monthly and annual repair tasks will simplify the process. As you create a perfect maintenance plan, you should ensure that electrical wiring tops the list. Find a professional industrial electrician to check the wiring system at least once or twice in a decade. 

Here are the three ways you can tell when the electrical wiring system in your warehouse or commercial property needs proper checkups, repairs or even replacement.

When the Lights Keep Flickering and Dimming

Flickering lights are the first way to tell that your electrical wiring isn't in good shape. Typically, the lights will either dim or start flickering. This may seem a minor issue, but it may become a serious problem if it's not identified and fixed in good time. Dimming lights could be a result of weaknesses with the electrical wiring system. If the wiring is old or outdated, it will frequently overload, leading to flickering and dimming. A professional electrician can check to see whether you have problems with the wiring. After checking it, they may opt to repair or replace it.

When You Keep Experiencing Unusual Smells

The other sign that your wiring system might be getting damaged is when you keep experiencing unusual smells in your commercial property. You might notice a constant burning plastic or rubber smell within the building. Often, this indicates that certain parts of your electrical system are short-circuiting. You should unplug any commercial appliance connected to the outlet where the burning smell is coming from. Timely disconnection can protect your property from an electrical fire. If the plastic or rubber smell persists, call an industrial electrician to check if the wiring is damaged and fix the problem.

When You Have Hot Switch Plates

It is usual for the electrical system to get a little hot when it's being used throughout the day. However, the temperature change should not be enough to burn the worker's hands. If the heat has gotten to a level where it can cause physical harm to the workers or visitors, consider replacing the outlets and the switch plates. Heat means that the system might be old, and the fuses might have stopped working. Replacing the fuses and, sometimes, the entire wiring system might be a reliable solution. 

It's possible to avoid severe wiring problems in your commercial building. Just ensure you often check the wiring system for signs of damage. If you notice any, call a professional industrial electrician to help you handle the repairs. If the repairs can't help fix the wiring problem, the electrician will need to replace the entire electrical wiring system. 

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